Children are the face of Minnesota's homeless.

On any given day, 70% of our guests are kids - newborns to teens.

The Family Place is the only day shelter for families with children in Ramsey County, MN. We offer safety, opportunities and encouragement to help move our guest families from despair to hope, from uncertainty to stability.

What's New at The Family Place?

4:30 Open House - Free

Celebrate the grand opening of our Montessori and christening of the Bella room. Also check out our new basic life-skills training center that addresses the root causes of homelessness, curtailing generational and repeated homelessness. This event is free. Donations are always accepted. Children are welcomed.

6:30 Fundraising Gala - Purchase Tickets Below

Following Open House, the Gala will begin at 6:30 PM at The Embassy Suites located at: 175 10th Street (a block west of The Family Place). Dinner, speaker, silent auction, games and more!

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Pioneer Press Feature: "St. Paul: Daytime homeless shelter lends a hand but faces funding challenge"

On December 3, Pioneer Press featured an interview with Executive Director Margaret Lovejoy about the importance of The Family Place and its funding challenges.

In 2001 -- using a small retirement fund to bolster contracts with Ramsey County and the state of Minnesota -- Lovejoy opened the Family Place, now located behind the First Baptist Church in downtown St. Paul.

Other attempts at a daytime shelter in the city -- one that catered specifically to families with children, rather than all comers -- have faltered and failed.

Lovejoy, 69, knows the feeling. In the past, she has had to raise money for the facility, and this year is a little worse, she said.

Giving is down, and the loss of a $20,000 grant has given her a $53,000 shortfall in her $475,000 annual budget. She likely will need to cut into her full- and part-time staff of 14 unless the shortfall is made up by the end of the year, she said.

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MPR News Broadcasts "Margaret Lovejoy's Family Place"

Margaret LovejoyOn January 5, MPR News broadcast an interview with Executive Director Margaret Lovejoy about The Family Place and its important role in the community.

"I heard a child one cold January morning say to his mother, 'How will I find you after school?'" Margaret Lovejoy remembers.

The child was homeless. The words were jarring. And Lovejoy was spurred to look beyond sadness and pity. Today, The Family Place, a St. Paul daytime drop in center for the homeless, stands as a testament to how she strives to help those who often don't have anyone else in the community to turn to. (MPR Photo / Jeffrey Thompson)

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eport from Wilder Research about the increases in shelter usage during the past few years.  

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