Help us make sure families have a place, today and everyday.

There are few things more important than shelter. We also know that shelter means more than just one thing for the families we serve. In providing day time shelter 364 days a year, we offer families meals, childcare, school pick-up and drop-off. We connect parents and children to the support they need, from night time shelter to other social services.

Today, 18 years after I founded The Family Place, I see that the need is greater than ever for families. Record numbers are coming through our doors for support, and given the current Twin Cities housing shortage, they are also staying with us longer.

Our resolve is strong as we pursue our mission to help families navigate the crises of poverty. Over the years, I have been motivated not just by the families we serve but by you, the wider community.

Please show your support today.

The Family Place aims to end homelessness and generational homelessness through education and empowerment.

– From the Executive Director, Dr. Margaret Lovejoy

The Family Place Meets Standards!!

The Family Place is now a Meets Standards® organization with Charities Review Council. The review process examined four key areas: Public Disclosure, Governance, Financial Activity, and Fundraising. As a Meets Standards® organization, we have led our organization to greater strength, efficacy and to the achievement of the Meets Standards® seal.