Job Opportunities

An Invitation to Grow a Wildflower Montessori School in Partnership with The Family Place

The Family Place and Minnesota Wildflower Montessori Schools are working together to launch a primary Montessori School in the Lowertown neighborhood in St. Paul, and are seeking an innovative, equity-minded, entrepreneurial primary-trained teachers to lead this effort. Wildflower Schools is a network of micro-schools that aim to serve racially and socioeconomically diverse communities with exceptional Montessori education. The Family Place is a day center for homeless families that provides families with support for not only basic needs, but also education for children and adults – supporting families in building their skills and confidence to tackle life’s responsibilities. The Family Place intends to revamp their existing Montessori program into a school that serves not only families and children in transition, but also families living and working in the surrounding community.

The vision for the school will be yours to shape within Wildflower’s nine principles. You will have access to financial support, direct guidance from the Wildflower Schools Minnesota support team, and will join a local community of fellow Montessori teacher innovators as you explore, plan, and bring this school to life.

What Will You Do?

As a Teacher Leader you will:
● Learn about Wildflower, develop a plan for the school, and bring your school to life through Wildflower’s supported School Startup Journey
● Collaborate with 1-2 other teacher-leaders to develop a vision for an authentic Montessori school
● With the financial and operational support of the local and national Wildflower teams and The Family Place team, decide on the school’s location and design
● Design and create the prepared environment in alignment with your vision
● Actively market your school to recruit and enroll children and families
● Define structures to support homeless children and families

What Will you Bring?

● A deep commitment to authentic Montessori – Your expertise will position you to be a highly effective facilitator of children’s learning and to extend the values of Montessori to include the adults within your school community.
● A background working with young children – You have deep experience working with primary aged students (age 3-6) as a trained Montessorian
● Entrepreneurial leadership – Your default mode is “yes.” You are flexible, open-minded, see opportunity in obstacles, and are energized by using creativity and resourcefulness to create solutions to problems.
● Commitment to serving diverse and multifaceted communities – You are eager to expand access to Montessori for racially and socioeconomically diverse communities and are committed to supporting the development of intersectional communities.
● Generosity of spirit – You live with kindness, practice gratitude and lead with love. You seek advice openly and are comfortable working in a non-hierarchical organization.
● Willingness to work hard – You have the aptitude, stamina, time, and appetite to rise to the challenge of starting and leading your own school. You will not be alone, but you will be busy.
● A desire to learn and grow – You are eager to stretch beyond your current experience, to develop new skills and expertise and to more fully explore your purpose and potential.

If you would like to explore opening a Wildflower School in partnership with The Family Place, please contact Jenny Stevens, Assistant Director at The Family Place to begin the conversation process.