The Family Place has a mission to assists families in shelter to gain more confidence in building future goals that will lead to success of the entire family. The Family Place believes that education is the key to achieving that success and it is the most powerful weapon to curtail repeated and generational homelessness.

Children comprise 70% of The Family Place population—making them new face of homelessness. In the state of Minnesota, children comprise 52.4% of the homeless population. Just over half (51%) [of the homeless adults polled] had experienced at least three episodes of homelessness. Thirty percent of homeless parents (and 43% of homeless parents with children age 0 through 5 only) had themselves first experienced homelessness as a child. This pattern of transmitting homelessness from one generation to the next, if it continues, may make it much more difficult for Minnesota to end homelessness. (2013 Minnesota Homeless Study: Homeless Children and Their Families – polled on Oct 25, 2012 – Wilder Research). 

“We MUST begin to address root causes.”

– Dr. Margaret Lovejoy

The Executive Director of The Family Place believes that root causes to repeated and generational homelessness begin with the lack of basic life-skills education. Negative or unproductive habits passed down and adopted, causing rudimentary holes in fundamental processes, such as prioritizing, budgeting and systematic care taking of self, offspring and the community. “We can only address this by way of education. It is presumptuous to put a person into job training with the expectation that they are capable of managing such a feat, when the reality may be that they are ill prepared on many levels, lacking the basic skills to maintain the responsibilities of: housing, transportation, socializing, self-education, health and parenting. We have a duty to help this population of people gain the confidence and skills so that they have a chance, to not just survive this life, but to thrive in it.”