Basic Needs


The Family Place is a welcoming, safe place for homeless families with children to stay during daytime hours.

The families are provided the basic comforts of home – showers, lockers to store their personal belongings, and laundry facilities. Staff and volunteers prepare and serve three healthy meals and a snack every day. Our family room offers a comfortable place for families to relax and share time together, use telephones and computers to search for housing and employment opportunities.

Seven days a week, 364 a year, The Family Place is a beacon of hope simply by meeting the basic human needs of homeless families with children.

We are also in need of basic supplies for our families when they secure housing. We provide them with a *Move in Basket*
Move in Basket:
Sheets, pillows, blankets, bath towels
Dishes, silverware, glasses, towels, utensils
Cleaning supplies: broom, mop, bucket, cleaning solutions, dish soap
Laundry basket

*New items only please

If you are seeking shelter, please contact Coordinated Access to Housing and Shelter (651) 215-2262.