Children and Youth


Homelessness is especially tough on children.

Instead of usual childhood antics, children are transitioning into shelter while their parents try to piece their lives back together. They sit on the sidelines of life while their parents seek help in securing housing and employment. They anticipate the day they can resume childhood fun and the day they can go home.

  • Children and youth age 21 and younger make up 53% of Minnesota’s homeless population, yet they comprise just 30% of the overall population.
  • Children make up 60% of those at The Family Place.

The Family Place understands the needs of children—psychological, social, and physical. The Family Place has historically offered specialized programming for children and youth of all ages. Moving forward we will continue to provide educational opportunities for the children in our care.

The Family Place has partnered with Wildflower Montessori to applying the principles of Montessori to pre-school age children in shelter. This will promote healthy developmental learning, interpersonal, and social skills. Please check back for information regarding our onsite Montessori.

The Family Place ensures that children stay in school. In partnership with the St. Paul Public Schools’ Title One Program: Education for Homeless Children, all school-age children are enrolled in and attend school. To provide continuity and stability, The Family Place makes every effort to keep children enrolled in the school they attended prior to homelessness. School buses pick up and drop off the children via The Family Place day center.

If you are seeking shelter, please contact Coordinated Access to Housing and Shelter (651) 215-2262.