Volunteers are an integral part of meeting the needs of the families in shelter. At the height of volunteerism, 1,600 volunteers provided service and over $14,000 in donations of in-kind meals. The 7,000 hours of volunteer service is the equivalent of approximately 3.5 full-time staff.

As volunteers of The Family Place, you will have a direct impact on helping to heal the devastating effects of homelessness on families with children. The Family Place has structured the programs to provide varying opportunities to get involved. Many who spend time at The Family Place are mobilized into action, recruiting new volunteers, returning to include The Family Place in their extended family.

Please consider one of these many ways you, your group, team, business, co-workers, or organization can help. Contact, Fund Developer, Susanne Lovejoy at slovejoy@famplace.org for more information.

The Family Place invites you to become a member of the team!

Weekend Meal Service Teams: Teams of volunteers provide the food, cook, serve the meal, eat with the families and, clean up after the meal. A team’s commitment is to spend about three hours to prepare and serve the meal along with the donation of food for up to 40 people. A team is composed of at least five adult members and may include older children. Saturdays and Sundays:

Lunch is served family-style at 11:30 am on Saturday and at 12:30 pm on Sundays

Dinner is served family-style at 4:30 pm

The weekend meal service schedule is issued quarterly and updated weekly. Teams can serve up to a maximum of once per month or as infrequently as they wish.

To Join the Team: Contact Kathy Schneider at kschneider@famplace.org.